Our mission is to provide the communities we serve the best experience in health care, education, and prevention . . . one patient at a time.


RESPECT: Treating others as they would want to be treated and accepting people’s differences.

OPTIMISM: Choosing a positive outlook and expecting the positive intent of others.

CARE: Providing sincere and compassionate care, while striving to exceed the mind, body, and spiritual needs of patients, residents, coworkers, and the community.

COMPETENCE: Being accountable for consistently meeting your job expectations and the overall mission and goals of Memorial Medical Center.

INTEGRITY: Doing the right thing by thinking and acting ethically and honestly in all daily work activities and decisions, and taking responsibility for your actions.

TEAM: Working together for the good of Memorial Medical Center and the communities we serve, guided foremost by what is best for patients, residents, coworkers, and Memorial Medical Center.


Memorial Medical Center will be the provider of choice for high quality health care.