Care close to home

Care close to home

Recently one of our providers and a local family were featured on WEAU TV 13 , on the segment Buddy Check 13.

– Studies show having to travel far from your home to a hospital or clinic is something that can hinder your access to a proper diagnosis and even treatment of cancer.

Dan Wojtczak of Neillsville said his journey with Leukemia hasn’t been an easy one, but being able to access care close to his home has been beneficial.
“It was nice to have the hospital one mile away from here where I get my blood transfusions every other week or so,” said Wojtczak.

He was diagnosed in 2016 and he said his condition has been going downhill ever since.
He said blood donors play a big part in helping keep up with his treatments.
“If it were not for that donation of blood, I would not be here,” said Wojtczak.
Although the journey is tough, he said he has the support of his wife of more than 60 years, Patricia.

“Dan knows I love him forever and I’ll always be here for him,” said Patricia Wojtczak.
Although things are different for the couple now, she says their love for one another makes this journey a little easier. “I feel so blessed because everybody has been so helpful and so encouraging,” said Patricia.

The Wojtczak’s are staying positive and Dan is staying active by finding activities that make him feel better, like golfing when he physically can.
“I’m the best 85-year-old golfer in the league and I’m the only 85-year-old golfer in the league,” said Wojtczak. He says he’s most thankful for the easy access to the care he gets.

Aaron Wanish, family practice, at Marshfield Medical Center-Neillsville Hospital said the hospital helps treat many patients that come from Neillsville and even further away.
“Having cancer treatments can be hard on people,” said Wanish. “It costs a lot of money, there’s a lot of doctor visits and being able to keep them close to home close to their family really is helpful in their survival and their treatment and their comfort.”

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