Construction updates

Construction updates

May 21 Progress Updates:

  • Site work has re-started, including:
    • Grading and placement of base material for the campus entrance drive
    • Installation of concrete bases for light poles
    • Finish grading and placement of base material for parking areas and campus drives

May 15 Progress Updates:

  • Building is now fully enclosed
    • Windows are being installed and exterior finish installation is ongoing.
  • Interior work such as plumbing, electric, studs, drywall and flooring is ongoing
  • WE Energies continues gas line work.
    • Directional bore under Black River is complete.
    • Trenching along HWY 10 is ongoing.

May 8 Progress Updates:

  • Work on outside sealing, insulation, stucco, and metal are being done.
  • Brick work will be starting soon.
  • Roof is complete – all but two HVAC units are on the roof.
  • WE Energies are on HWY 10 boring the gas line under the river and to the site.
  • Water setup for building is complete.

April 23 Progress Updates:

  • Full building enclosed
    • Exterior insulation board to be covered by exterior finish system – installation to begin week of April 27
    •  Windows being installed to replace temporary plastic coverings
  • Roof for entire building complete
  • Interior build-out ongoing
  • Water line around building to be complete the week of April 27 providing access to city water
  • WE Energies to begin gas line work the week May 4 (8 week process)
    • Directional bore under the Black River
    • Trenching along HWY-10


View photos of progress below: