Occupational Health

To address continued rising costs in health care, businesses are implementing programs to decrease unintentional injuries and illnesses, lost workdays, lost productivity, and workers’ compensation costs. Marshfield Medical Center-Neillsville’s Occupational Health Services are offered to employers to target reduction in these factors, which so greatly impact bottom-line costs, in addition to meeting OSHA requirements or pre- or post-employment needs.

To facilitate your management of health issues and specific cases, Occupational Health Services keeps all parties informed about the progress of each case and delivers same-day verbal or written reports. Occupational Health Services is committed to keeping the employer informed of all cases, so that healthcare management can be carried out in the most cost-effective and quality manner possible.

Marshfield Medical Center-Neillsville’s Occupational Health Services encompass the following areas:

Worksite Safety

Injury Prevention

First Aid

Bloodborne Pathogen Training


Workstation Hazard Assessment

Respirator Fit Testing


Case Management


24-Hour Emergency Room Services

Urgent Care

Clinic Visits

Follow Up

Return-to-Work Evaluations


Return-to-Work Criteria

Job Requirements

Workplace Restrictions

Functional Capacity Evaluation


Fitness for Duty


Employee Screenings

Breath Alcohol

Chemical/Lead Testing

Insurance Wellness Exams

OSHA Medical Hearing Tests

OSHA Medical Screening Forms


Respirator Mask Fit Testing


Urine Drug Screens

For more information on our Occupational Health Services, please contact Chris Smith (RN), Occupational Health Coordinator at 715.743.8447 or smith.christine@marshfieldclinic.org.