What to Expect When Having Surgery
Our professionally trained staff has years of experience in caring for surgical patients before, during, and after surgery. We are intensely focused on patient safety, quality of care, and fostering an environment of optimism and healing. At any point during this process, we are available to you and your family for questions, information, and education.

We are confident in our abilities to serve you well, deliver healthy outcomes, and help you reclaim the quality of life you seek.

This page contains some key information on what you can expect pre-, during, and post-surgery. While we hope this answers many of your questions, direct dialogue with our surgical team is the best way to receive answers and feel confident in your decision to have surgery. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

• Pre-Registration Telephone Call
• Pre-Surgical Instruction
• Day of Surgery
• Operating Room
• Recovery Room
• Post-Operative Care Unit
• Post-Operative Telephone Call

Pre-Registration Telephone Call
You will receive a call from one of our surgical nurses the day before your planned surgery. During this conversation, we will review your pre-surgical instructions and confirm your planned arrival time. If you have any questions prior to or after the pre-registration conversation, please call 715.743.3101 and ask to speak to a surgical nurse.

Day of Surgery
Park in the front parking lot, enter the main lobby, and check in with registration staff. Once you have registered, a surgical staff member will escort you to a room. Your family will be allowed to join you in your pre-op room until the time of your surgery. For your safety, you will be asked to verify your name, the type of surgery to be performed, and the body site of the surgery. You will be asked to read and sign applicable informed consent forms and then to change into a patient gown. Your prep for surgery will include: answering health-related questions, measuring and assessing your current health status, establishing an IV, and taking necessary pre-operative medications. There is a family waiting room available for your visitors once you go to surgery.

Operating Room
You will be taken to surgery on a stretcher. The surgical staff will inform you of everything that is happening as you are prepared in the operating room for surgery. A team of specially trained personnel will be present at all times during your surgery, focused solely on your care and ensuring the best possible outcomes. The surgical team’s focus is on providing safe, comfortable, personalized care to every patient. Once your surgery or procedure is complete, you will be taken to our recovery area on a stretcher.

Recovery Room
While in the recovery room, specially trained registered nurses will closely monitor your vital signs and current condition. The time you spend in recovery will vary, depending upon the type of anesthesia used and your condition. Visitors are not allowed in the recovery room. One parent of a child recovering from anesthesia will be allowed in the recovery room. Once you recover from anesthesia, you will be discharged either to your home or to the hospital’s post-operative care unit for further monitoring and care.

Post-Operative Care Unit
You will be cared for on this unit until the time you are ready to go home. The hospital nursing staff will monitor you, helping to make your recovery as comfortable and peaceful as possible. Please inform the nursing staff if you have any pain or discomfort during your stay. We have various methods to help manage a patient’s pain, and options will differ from patient to patient. You will be given information important to your recovery, including instructions on the aftercare of surgical wounds, medications, treatments, and required follow-up care. This information will be discussed verbally and given to you in written form.

Post-Operative Telephone Call
One of the surgical nurses will call you one or two days after your surgery. The purpose of this call is to gauge how you are feeling and progressing, and to answer any questions you may have now that you are home. Please remember, there are no silly questions. We will remain on the phone with you until you and your family feel secure in your present condition and recovery process. We will specifically seek your feedback regarding the care you received. Did it meet your expectations? Do you have any suggestions for improvement?

Download a list of our Surgical Procedures. icon-pdf-small

If you have further questions after the post-operative call, please call 715.743.3101 and ask to speak to a surgical nurse.