Surgeries & Procedures

Marshfield Medical Center-Neillsville is focused on growing our surgical capabilities and sustaining high levels of quality outcomes for patients.  Because we add surgeries and procedures on a regular basis, we ask that you contact us if you are interested in something that is not listed. We would be happy to answer your questions and discuss your options.

For more information, please call the OR at 715.743.3101.

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General Surgery
Dr. Peter Thurlow, M. D.
Dr. Constante Aveceilla, M. D.

•    Abdominal hysterectomy (remove female reproductive organs)
•    Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)
[Procedural Video]
•    Amputation (remove body part)
•    Bartholin cyst excision (remove groin cyst)
•    Bowel resections (remove section of intestine)
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•    Breast biopsy (remove section of breast tissue)
•    Breast implants (add to size of breasts)
•    Breast reductions (remove breast tissue)
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•    C-Section (delivery of baby)
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•    Carpal tunnel release (release nerve compression in wrist)
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•    Chest tube insertion (treatment of punctured lung)
•    Circumcision (remove foreskin)
•    Colonoscopy (examine the inside of colon)
•    Cystoscopy (examine the inside of bladder)
•    D&C (dilation and curettage of uterus)
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•    Diagnostic laparoscopy (examine the inner abdomen using camera)
•    Diagnostic laparotomy (examine inner abdomen not using camera)
•    EGD (examine upper gastrointestinal tract)
•    Endometrial ablation (destroy inner lining of uterus)
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•    Fistula in ano (repair abnormal tube structure in lower gastrointestinal tract)
•    Flexible sigmoidoscopy (examine sigmoid colon)
•    Frenulectomy (release of tongue tie)
•    Ganglion cyst excision (remove cyst)
•    Gastrectomy (remove part of stomach)
•    Gastric tube placement (placement of feeding tube)
•    Hemorrhoidectomy (remove hemorrhoids)
•    Hemorrhoid banding (destroy hemorrhoid by restricting blood flow)
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•    Hydrocele repair (repair fluid collection in scrotum)
•    Hysterectomy (surgical removal of uterus)
[Procedural Video]
•    Hysteroscopy (examine inside of uterus)
•    I&D abscess (drain an infected area)
•    Inguinal hernia (repair rupture in groin)
[Procedural Video]
•    Laparoscopic appendectomy (remove appendix with camera)
•    Lap/open cholecystectomy
(remove gall bladder with or without camera)
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•    Laparoscopic tubal ligation  (remove segment of fallopian tubes with camera)
•    Liposuction (remove fat tissue with vacuum)
•    Liver biopsy (obtain sample of liver tissue)
•    Liver resection (remove part of liver)
•    Lysis of adhesions (remove internal scar tissue)
•    Mastectomy (remove breast)
•    Mediport placement (place port access to bloodstream)
•    Myringotomy/PE Tubes (placement of ear tubes)
[Procedural Video]
•    Nephrectomy (remove kidney)
•    Open appendectomy (remove appendix)
•    Open/Lap oophorectomy (remove ovaries with or without a camera)
•    Operation for intussusceptions  (repair intestine that is telescoping on itself)
•    Paracentesis (drain fluid from abdomen)
•    Peg tubes (placement of feeding tube)
•    PEJ tubes (placement of feeding tube)
•    Pericardial window (emergency treatment of fluid around heart)
•    Pilonidal cyst excision (remove cyst from area near anus)
•    Resection of ingrown nails (remove ingrown toe nail)
•    Skin excisions (remove skin lesion)
•    Skin grafting (replace skin with new)
•    Splenectomy (remove spleen)
•    Stress incontinence procedure (repair leaking bladder)
•    Supra pubic cath placement (place tube in bladder)
•    Swan Ganz/A line/ TPN/CVC (critical care IV placements)
•    Synvisc knee injection (joint medication injection)
•    Thoracentesis (drain fluid from chest)
•    Thoracotomy (open chest cavity)
•    Thyroglossal duct cyst (remove cyst in neck region)
•    Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy  (remove tonsils and adenoid tissue)
[Procedural Video]
•    Tracheostomy (open airway through neck)
•    Transanal hemorrhoidal dearterialization  (restrict blood vessels to hemorrhoids)
•    Transoral incisionless fundoplication (repair hiatal hernia)
•    Transvenous pacemaker (insert temporary heart pacemaker)
•    Trauma surgeries
•    Trigger point injection (pain medication injection)
•    TVT pubovaginal sling (correct sagging bladder)
•    Umbilical hernia (repair rupture in navel)
•    Uteral stent placement  (place tube in passage from kidney to bladder)
•    Vaginal laceration repair (stitch tears after childbirth)
•    Vaginal reconstruction (repair injury)
•    Vagotomy (cut nerve to slow stomach acid production)
•    Varicose vein stripping (remove enlarged leg veins)
•    Vasectomy (male sterilization)
•    Ventral hernia repair (repair rupture of abdomen wall)
•    Wart removal

David Carlson, MD – Orthopedist

•    Total Joint Replacement
•    Knee and Hip surgery
•    Foot and Ankle Surgery
•    Sports Medicine
•    Pediatric Orthopedics
•    Hand Surgery
•    Spine Surgery
•    Shoulder Surgery
•    Trauma—Fractures and Soft Tissue injuries


Joel Kowski, DPM – Podiatrist

•    Achilles tendon lengthening
•    Bone spur removal (remove extra bone growth)
•    Bunionectomy (remove deformity on large toe joint)
•    Excision planter fibroma (remove growth in foot)
•    Hammer toe repair (repair deformity of toes)
•    Osteotomy (remove sections of bone)
•    Repair foot bones

Michael Hirsh, MD – Urologist

•    Circumcision (remove foreskin)
•    Collagen injection (inject medication in bladder)
•    Cystocele repair (repair sagging bladder)
•    Cystoscopy (look into bladder)
•    Green Light Laser PVP(destroy prostate gland)
[Procedural Video]
•    Hydrocele repair (remove fluid in scrotum)
•    Meatotomy (enlarge opening for urine passage)
•    Orchiectomy (remove testicle)
•    Orchiopexy (repair undescended testis)
•    PuboVaginal sling (bladder suspension sling)
•    Rectocele repair (repair rupture in vaginal wall)
•    Tegress injection (medication injection)
•    Transurethral resection of bladder tumor   (remove tumor with camera)
•    Transurethral resection of prostate (remove prostate using camera)
•    Vasectomy (male sterilization)

Tom Silbernagel, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

•    Central line placement (IV access to large veins by heart)
•    Epidural (inject medication into back)
•    Facet joint inject medication (injection of medication in back)
•    Hyalgan/Synvisc knee Injection (inject medication in knee joint)
•    PCA management (patient controlled medication pump)
•    PICC line placement (long-term IV placement)
•    SI joint injection (inject medication into hip region)
•    Trigger point injection (inject medication into area of pain)