MMC scholarships

MMC scholarships

2018 High School Scholarships!

Memorial Medical Center presented the following Neillsville seniors with a scholarship.   Best wishes to you in your future and all graduating students from the staff at MMC!

Neillsville School- Brianna Roehl and Brady Coulthard.

Greenwood School- Madeline Johnson

Granton School: Casey Bravener


Memorial Medical Center’s Partners, Mary Hartung and Kay Weirauch presented scholarships to the following  students on behalf of the Partners Volunteers. The Partners funding for their scholarships is through the Lights of Love Program which is held in December at MMC.

Congratulations to all!

Neillsville School- Olivia Hanson, Brady Coulthard, Brianna Roehl, Kaelyn Krultz and Dominic Bibeau-Donahue.

Greenwood School- Kaylee Learman

Granton School: Adeline Schoenherr