MMC Building Project Updates- 2017

MMC Building Project Updates- 2017

  Memorial Medical Center New Campus Project!
 Memorial Medical Center announced plans to begin the planning process to build a new hospital providing medical, surgical, and outpatient clinic services in Neillsville. The anticipated 40-million-dollar center is expected to be completed by the spring of 2020 and will meet the healthcare needs of Clark County residents well into the future. This link takes you to WCCN’s homepage where you can see the icon right at the top right of the page and click on it to get to the blog:  And this link takes you directly to the blog:

Update: June 22, 2017

Memorial Medical Center Holds Public Meeting About New Facility
Thursday, June 22nd, 2017 — 11:18 am
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Riley Hebert-News Director

-Memorial Medical Center held a public meeting about their new facility at the Neillsville American Legion Wednesday evening.

There was a wide group of representatives at the meeting including some of MMC’s Board of Directors, the CEO, the engineers in charge of the project, city officials and other partners of the facility. They began by providing background information about why the new facility is needed, how it’s funded, why they chose the River Avenue location and words of support from various partners and officials. Residents in attendance were also able to ask questions or voice concerns about the facility and the location. Some highlights from the meeting include that this project is not using tax payer money and is being paid for with a loan from the USDA. The hospital has every intention of paying the money borrowed from the city back using this loan and, even if they can’t, by the time they are in the new facility, they will have over half of it paid back. They are currently up to date with payments. Sniteman’s Pharmacy and Art of Optometry are both excited about being in this new facility. Sniteman’s is unsure if they are going to have their new location and the downtown location, but Art of Optometry plans to move into the facility completely. Neillsville Care * Rehab will have a new facility as well and they’ll have more private rooms.


June 9, 2017 

 MMC and city officials of Neillsville recently had a meeting to discuss the best sanitation plan for the replacement medical facility on River Avenue.  The recommendation following that meeting is to place the sewer line parallel to state highway 10, go under the bridge and connect to an existing sewer line on Clay Street.  The new required lift station would be the responsibility of MMC to purchase and maintain.  This plan would avoid any drilling under the Black River and avoid certain permits.  The engineers are working on the feasibility of the proposed plan

Medical Center site plan submitted to USDA – Sniteman Pharmacy and Art of Optometry on Medical Campus

Neillsville, WI

This week Memorial Medical Center submitted a site plan to the USDA as the next step in the process of building the future medical center. The plans intend for Snitemans pharmacy and the Art of Optometry to establish a presence in the new building. “Sniteman Pharmacy is excited about the opportunity to partner with Memorial Medical Center by providing a retail pharmacy space within their new facility. We believe this will allow us to continue to provide exceptional pharmacy care to our patients well in to the future. Patient’s will have the benefit of convenient parking, handicap accessibility, the ability to pick up prescriptions immediately following medical appointments, and access to highly qualified pharmacists who can answer their medication questions. This new facility will be a great addition to our community.” Kristen Weiler-Nytes Pharm. D., owner Sniteman Pharmacy.

Dr. Hanson O.D., owner of Art of Optometry, approached MMC several months ago to collaborate on a program that would return cataract surgery back to MMC. “Art of Optometry and MMC share many patients, to work side by side with the MMC medical staff will not only be comprehensive healthcare but also very convenient”, Dr. Mark Hanson O.D..

The submitted site plan also includes the Neillsville Care and Rehab center, a geothermal field and a potential community wellness center. “The community wants and needs a wellness center. We are currently working with a potential partner for making the community wellness center a reality on opening day.” Ryan Neville, CEO MMC. “The project continues to expand to allow one location for trauma care, primary/specialty care, inpatient/outpatient services, same day surgery, wellness, extended care facility, and now pharmacy and optometry makes this very unique and special for a rural community.” If you have any questions or concerns you can contact MMC’s CEO Ryan Neville at

The Memorial Medical Center Board of Directors have selected Kraus Anderson as the construction company to manage the building project. Kraus Anderson have completed construction of 28 Critical Access Hospital projects in the last 10 years and are committed to utilizing local resources. In addition, Kai Moseid, a Neillsville resident, will be the project superintendent from Kraus Anderson assigned to the MMC project.


We want to hear from you!

As a valued patient and community member, we would like to hear your input and feedback on what services you would like to see in the new facility, and any other suggestions that would be helpful in our planning? Please go to our web site at and click on and email your comments and suggestions. Your input will be very beneficial to us as we continue to move forward with planning the new facility.