Radiology Update

Radiology Update

As of August 23rd, Memorial Medical Center began utilizing the Radiology Physicians of the Marshfield Clinic to interpret radiology exams (previously performed by Medical X-Ray from Eau Claire).  With this transition our patients will experience the following benefits:

  1. X-Rays, MRI, CT Scans…(all imaging) can be instantaneously/easily accessed by both MMC and Marshfield Clinic medical staff.  The confidential storage of images in both systems will help continuity of care and eliminate duplication of exams.
  2. Marshfield Clinic radiologists are formally trained as radiology specialists.  The test will be interpreted by a radiologist specialists relevant to the nature of the tests (neurology, orthopedic…)
  3. MMC Radiology department not only serves MMC medical staff but also can be utilized as a regional radiology service by medical personnel throughout the region.


Ryan  T. Neville, FACHE, President and CEO, MMC                                                                      

Gene Santilli, Administrative Director, System Radiology

Marshfield Clinic Health System


                  Theresa, Melody and Wendy from Imaging